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RadioYo (RAO)

RadioYo is integrating its current platform with a decentralized Ecosystem for podcasters, online broadcasters, independent media and online publishers worldwide.
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Our vision is to have an open source blockchain-based broadcasting and services platform where developers, consumers, podcasters, service providers and advertisers can openly collaborate, track ownership of content or rewarding content creators. With the RAO, a new cryptocurrency at its center, RadioYo is building out a new model that enriches and transforms the relationship with consumers such that they consume more flavors of content across various media and enjoy more experiences in the presence of our brand in the real world.

Instead of trying to profit by stealing a little bit of attention/ engagement through playing ads, or selling "hosting solutions", RadioYo is using the RAO to reward 'wanted' behavior and 'desired' features.

Podcasters, online broadcasters, independent media and online publishers face a range of pressures every day. Funding, competition for listeners, press freedom, copyright infringement and producing the most remarkable programming possible weigh on people's minds every day. RadioYo is laying the groundwork for a new age of ownership, tracking, content sharing and creation that is engaging, sustainable, borderless, and fair to all stakeholders.

We're often asked how will RAO get its value?  We think the RAO's value is derived in multiple ways: If you're a person who has watched RadioYo grow and wants to support it's continued growth by contributing to it, a la contributing to a KickStarter campaign, then you can do that. Alternatively, if you are interested in transparency and an open internet and want to benefit from the products and services available to you within the RadioYo ecosystem, then you can do that, too. (Ideally we hope people will participate in the ICO of the RAO for both reasons!)

Here are a few examples of how developers, consumers, podcasters, service providers and advertisers would use the RAO within RadioYo’s platform.

1. Monetization of Private Shows - Today, RadioYo Hosts can currently create private and public shows. Private shows allow "influencer" Hosts to create a walled off community.  Hosts could use this feature as a call to action to engage their listeners.

2. User Generated Content - The RAO economy can incentivize content creation by rewarding creators. By allowing anyone to create content, i.e., hosts, musicians, voice-over talent, artists, journalists, and authors, can be rewarded. RadioYo expects more consumers to participate and create content. This open market concept creates competition for higher-quality content and ultimately creates a better community.

3. Tipping - Consumers can tip content creators for content they like, i.e., an episode, music, comment or article, and even service providers for something as simple as audio editing or post production. As an example, a consumer in a country where censorship flourishes can be rewarded for voting, sharing, commenting, publishing, etc.

4. Branding - RadioYo provides a new way for brands to directly engage consumers. Brands can reward users for completing simple tasks.  This can include signing up for an advertiser's service, i.e., a Netflix account, answering survey questions, creating themed content, curating content or interacting with brand-sponsored audios/engagements.

RadioYo wants its legacy to be in the construction of a new blockchain-based broadcasting and services platform for podcasters, online broadcasters, independent media and online publishers. This platform will be open and sustainable while putting the global community first.

In this new world order, RadioYo is a participant rather than a landlord. With the aim of fostering a vibrant economy, the company pledges to promote products and services from the platform to its global community of users, while demonstrating its commitment to transparency and an open Internet.