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We are bringing blockchain technologies to the investors in order to offer them effective and innovative solutions in the form of individually designed crypto projects. You may add your project to the ICO-Digest listing for free and/or look for investment opportunities and projects for yourself. In addition to our standard free listing, you can promote your own ICOs in the following way:

1.  Publish your project details at the listings (EN+RU) that gets ~195k views monthly
2. Share your news through the and the social network channels (EN+RU) that gets ~200k+ views monthly
3. Publish your articles on the homepage (EN+RU) that gets ~1.2m+ views monthly 
4. Present a video overview of your ICO project at the YouTube channel that has ~74k+ subscribers
And your best option: join our Affiliate Program (the initial membership is free) to have access to our listings that offer top project positions. 
For advertising opportunities with us, please use the contact form below. We will be glad to find the best advertising solution for your needs.